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Tennessee State

I’m tired. Aren’t you? Oh, so you ask what exactly am I tired of. Well let’s start. I’m tired of the superficial, materialistic, and blind existence that we as black people live in. We have no complete and unified sense of communion and unity. Yeah, that completion and unification equals community. The black family is on the brink of cultural extinction, the black man and black woman relationships are broken beyond collective repair due to the constant belittlement of our collective moral compass and our willingness to find peace and balance in those that cannot and will not understand the depth of our need for each other and that includes us.

We put our faith in systems that were designed to destroy us but yet we are content with the same systems that not only force us to be victims but also create a distorted mindset that makes us relish and look for the enjoyment and a silver-lining in our own victimization. Hmmm, the American Dream, hmmm the colonization of Africa. I could go on forever but you get the point. We seek equality when the numbers or balance of power suggests that we will never get it. We looked for integration and acceptance at the table of thieves. We’ve asked for love and compassion from those that have showed us nothing but hate but yet we expect change. Maybe your church should tell you this.

The last I checked there were more than two races of people in this world, so this not just about black and white, but yet the most abundant people are considered the minority and the complex of the inferiority when in fact we are the majority and the template of creation for all that is considered human existence on this planet. This planet, not this plantation, so when is enough, enough? If you are religious this is your indoctrination, it was written that this is your place to exude your greatness. If you are still attached to your African spiritualization, then you know the universe has proven reason for your existence and your creation, you need no validation for your greatness. So, are you tired? Cut off your television, pick up more than just your religious texts and see your story and not his-story. Enough is enough, this is more than just about waking up, this is about getting up.

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