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True Culture University has been establishing itself as international player for the last seven years. See a few of our key milestones and events. 

Launch of True Culture University

The launch of True Culture University. This launch took place at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with over 50 student and faculty attendees.


Workshop at MASOCON

True Culture University was the premiere partner and lead multiple workshops during the MASOCON conference. A conference aimed at connecting African Student Associations in the Mid West.


Pan-African Student Summit

The Pan-African Student Summit was a joint event in collaboration with the Give Gain Grow Collaborative and the Ghanian government during the Year of Return at the University of Ghana. We hosted over 20 Howard students and delegates from four universities in Ghana. We hosted over 150 student and faculty delegates. 


Chapter Launch in Brazil

True Culture University launched a chapter at Zumbi Dos Palmares Universidade in Sao Paulo Brazil. This event garnered over 40 student and faculty delegates. 

Brazil 4 Good.jpg

Marcus Garvey Education Symposium

The Marcus Garvey Education Symposium in conjunction with The Marcus Garvey Bronze Coordinating committee held a two campus symposium at Addis Ababa University and University of Ghana. We hosted over 200 student and faculty delegates from both campuses.


Afrikan Black Coalition

True Culture University participated in the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference in 2022 at Sacremento State University. 

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