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True Culture University

Building the Leaders of the Black World

True Culture University is a Pan - African collegiate Platform with international student chapters from all over the world. True Culture U.  aims to uplift, showcase, and amplify the message of Pan-Africanism on college campuses through various media and forms. True Culture University is positioned at the intersection of Pan-African thought, technological innovation and student publication.

True Culture University dares to reimagine the Black World through the lense of Garveyism and Afro-Futurism. TCU  dares to connect, educate, and uplift the Black global college population equipped with a  futuristic technologically enhanced vision in which students have the tools, education, and ideology necessary in order to not only aim to unify the Black World but actually have the tools to do so. 

Our Ideology

True Culture University is grounded in the ideological framework on the Honorable Marcus Garvey. We believe in the ideological and African philosophy that the Honorable Marcus Garvey developed and the blueprint that accompanies it. Through the development of various systems, structures, and institutions we are dedicated to the reimagining of a new Black Reality. 


We are squarely and singularly focused on the upliftment of Black college students-wherever they are. Our view of Pan-Africanism is not limited to the continent or aimed at continental unity. Instead we are focused on the unification of Black people wherever they may be on the planet and beyond, ie the Black World

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