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African Union's Citzen Diaspora Drector

True Culture University has gained the support of the African Union's Citizens and Diaspora Directorate (CIDO) toward the acquisition of a grant toward the pursuit of Education Symposiums at universities throughout the Diaspora and African continent. 


3GC Inc. Give. Gain. Grow. Collobrative

3GC is an African centric youth study abroad organization that is one TCU's earliest partnerships. Since 2016 3GC and TCU have held three international student panels and discussions with students from the University of Ghana TCU chapter and students that studied abroad. TCU chapter members often serve as group leaders for 3GC study abroad sessions. Perhaps most notably in conjunction with the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Year of Return toward the creation of the Pan African Student Summit which hosted over 100 students from Howard and multiple universities in Ghana. 

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Yielding Accomplished African Women

TCU has been a longtime partner of YAAW, both organizations coordinate media and showcase opportunities of their respective organizations. 

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Pan-African Youth Conference

The Pan - African Youth Conference seeks to foster a common understanding and diagnosis of Africa’s challenges amongst students from across the world who are interested in the development of Africa. TCU is currently promoting the event to it's networks. 


Pan- African Student Congress

The Pan- African Student Congress is a coalition of multiple organizations looking to create a global congress of all Black college students in the world.


Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship

The Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship is a social enterprise that places collegiate and recent graduates of the Ethiopian Diaspora based in the US to Ethiopia. TCU highlights and publishes fellows experiences. Additionally, we connect Ethiopian students in our network into their fellowship program.


Midwest African Student Organization Conference

MASOCON is a collegiate conference that brought together African student organizations in the midwest area. TCU partnered with MASCON in 2017 to provide workshops to the conference attendees.  


The Year of Return

The Year of Return (YOR) was a government sponsored initiative during 2019 that invited the African Diaspora to return and engage with Ghana. The Pan-African Student Summit that was co-hosted by TCU was directly partnered with the Year of Return, being showcased as an official Year of Return Event.


Boukman Academy

Boukman Academy is a Pan-African online school. Boukman Academy is TCU's educational partner that provides free resources and curriculum for our network. 


Ghana Tourism Authority

The Ghana Tourism Authority is the ministry over tourism in Ghana. During the Year of Return, TCU's co-hosting of the Pan-African Student Summit was endorsed and supported by the Ghana Tourism Authority. 


International Youth Leadership Institute

IYLI is a social organization aimed at connecting African Diaspora youth to world travel. TCU and IYLI collaborate on youth programming. 



Afroféminas is an Afro-Latina online magazine. TCU partnered with the publication to showcase our student written articles in Portugese and Spanish. 


Garvey TV

Garvey TV is a digital platform to distribute the Pan-African worldview. Garvey TV was a fiscal partner of the Marcus Garvey Education Symposium in August 2021.

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Howard University 

HU Alternative Spring Break is a Howard University program that promotes study abroad for Howard Students during Spring Break. HU Alternative Spring Break collaborated with TCU chapter students for campus panels and discussions during their study abroad to Ghana. 



Microsoft has added True Culture University into it's donor platform for it's employees.

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PushBlack is a Black History platform. In 2018 PushBlack highlighted 12 Black Student perspectives from the TCU Black Campus News Network.

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The Afrikan Black Coalition

The Afrikan Black Coalition is our  Principal Collegiate Partner. ABC boast over 17 schools within their collegiate network in the state of California.  TCU provides technological and science training to ABC students. Most notably, ABC is a primary rollout partner for the PORTAL app.


Association of African Universities

The AAU is a network of over 400 universities in Africa. They most recently supported TCU's push for the acquisition of a grant to host education symposiums throughout the continent of Africa. TCU was involved with the planning of AAU's first HBCU Homecoming event. 

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African Diaspora Alliance

The African Diaspora Alliance aims to holistically connect descendants of Africa to the global African community, known as the African Diaspora. TCU publishes and showcases guest writers from ADA in addition to collaborative programming.  



Udeesa Systemics & Technology is a multifaceted technology company changing the ways we teach and learn about Black Heritage. Udeesa is the primary technology partner for TCU, providing VR and XR learning tools for students in the Tech track for our chapters.


Marcus Garvey Bronze Coordinating Committee 

The Marcus Garvey Bronze Coordinating Committee, is a coalition of organizations led by Dr. Julius Garvey the only living son of Marcus Garvey toward the pursuit of the placement of a bust of Marcus Garvey at the African Union Headquarters. TCU is a voting committee member, and the MGB CC and TCU collaboratively hosted The Marcus Garvey Education Symposium jointly at Addis Ababa University and University of Ghana on August 17th, 2021.

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Addis Insight

Addis Insight is a news company focused on events in Ethiopia. TCU cross publishes select articles for our audience. 


HBCU Africa Homecoming

HBCU Homecoming is an initiative to connect HBCU's to Africa's higher education network. During the HBCU Homecoming Conference of 2020, TCU's PORTAL was showcased as a primary organization and technology venture. 


African Diaspora Nation

The Africa Diaspora Nation is an initiative aimed at Diaspora enagdement with the African contienent. TCU's PORTAL was highlighted as the primary technological showcase during the 'Birth of a Virtual Nation' event. 


African American Legacy Network

The African American Legacy Network is a social organization centered on developing the African American and Diaspora community. The AALN was a fiscal sponsor of the Marcus Garvey Education Symposium in August 2021.



West2West is a social organization aimed at fostering connections between the African Diaspora and the African continent. W2W is the primary partner for the Black Label Student Artist Collective. 


Afri Blocks

Afri Blocks is the largest Pan-African freelance market. Afri Blocks is one of TCU's tech ecosystem partners. 


Diaspora Today Magazine

Diaspora Today Magazine is a Pan-African magazine that highlights topics of interest. During the year of 2020, TCU held a cross publishing partnership with the magazine to increase our readership of our student written articles. 

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Amazingly Africa

Amazingly Africa is platform aimed at developing Pan-African leaders. We partner with Amazingly Africa on collaborative programming. 


The Comuniversity

The Comuniversity has provided educational insights as we continue to develop our curriculums. 


Collegiate Bridge Inc. 

Collegiate Bridge is the non-profit arm of the True Culture University ecosystem. 

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African Affairs Communications, Afroac-  is a company in Washington DC providing Communication services on all fronts with the interest of African Issues. We are partnered to expand various Education initiates from the US to Ethiopia. 

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