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Building the Black Future: How We're Raising a Million Minds

Adeshola Oke Bello, Black Create Commons

What if innovation looked like us? What if the next tech giants were built by Black students, equipped with the skills and resources to turn their ideas into reality? That's the vision behind the Black Create Commons Initiative, and I'm thrilled to be leading the charge as Head of Innovation.

Building Bridges, not Walls:

The Black Create Commons Initiative isn't just about creating spaces; it's about shattering barriers. We are building physical hubs on college campuses – innovation centers designed to foster a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship among students, with a particular focus on empowering Black students and promoting diversity in the tech landscape.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • African Solutions, African Problems: We believe in fostering innovation that tackles challenges relevant to our communities. We'll nurture ideas that bridge the digital divide, address social inequities, and create a more inclusive future.

  • Self-Efficacy, African Engineering: We'll equip students with the skills and confidence to not just dream big, but to build big. Our centers will be bursting with cutting-edge technology – 3D printers, VR systems, the whole kit and caboodle – empowering students to turn their ideas into tangible solutions.

  • From Code to Community: Our innovation centers won't be tech silos. We will cultivate a vibrant community spirit. Think co-working spaces buzzing with collaboration, workshops led by industry veterans, and mentorship programs that connect students with experienced professionals.

But building a future doesn't come cheap.  We are aiming to raise $1 million to establish these innovation centers and turn our vision into reality.

How You Can Be a Part of the Solution:

Here's where you come in. We've developed a tiered monthly subscription model that allows everyone to contribute, from students on a tight budget to corporate sponsors. Every month, your contribution helps fuel Black innovation on college campuses.  Donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive documentation for your records.

Here's what you get for joining the movement:

  • Tier 1: Champion ($8.33/month): Stay in the loop with exclusive updates and see your name on our website!

  • Tier 2: Trailblazer ($20.83/month): Unlock access to special events and workshops, and become a true champion for Black innovation.

  • Tier 3: Visionary ($41.67/month): Get VIP access to events, personalized recognition, and the chance to directly support specific programs within the initiative.

Beyond Donations:

We are also seeking partnerships with corporations, foundations, and like-minded organizations. Together, we can leverage matching programs, sponsorship opportunities, and joint initiatives to supercharge our impact.

The Future We're Building:

Imagine a space where the next Mark Zuckerberg is honing their skills, where the cure for malaria is being conceptualized, and where a network of brilliant Black minds is collaborating to solve the world's biggest challenges. That's the future we're building, brick by brick, byte by byte


Join us. Subscribe. Spread the word. Let's build a future where Black brilliance illuminates the world.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress, upcoming events, and exciting design concepts for our innovation centers! We can't wait to share a glimpse into the future of Black innovation.

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