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Why Africa?

Yabsira Yeshiwas, Addis Ababa University

It is common to hear black people expressing dissatisfaction with life in Africa. They point out issues like corruption, injustice, unemployment, and conflicts that plague the continent. African people often appear pessimistic about their future in Africa, and many hope to leave it behind, leaving only those who have no other choice to remain due to various constraints.

I once read Barbara Walter's book, "How Civil War Starts?" and she explains how people understand their surroundings. She suggests that people are uncomfortable of taking responsibility and tend to blame others instead of themselves. They often seek reasons to prove they are not part of the problem but rather victims with no choice. This tendency is deeply ingrained in us from childhood and affect our entire mindset.

Black people often search for reasons beyond their control to attribute their predicament. They criticize corruption but also engage in bribery to accomplish their own tasks. They complain about wars, yet they contribute to the spread of propaganda until violence reaches their own homes. They dream of going abroad but feel angered by racial discrimination. These paradoxes are prevalent among us.

History shows that non-Africans seek unity and organization in facing global challenges, while Africans are divided by ideologies and internal conflicts. We must reflect on our responsibilities towards our continent and people, embracing our true identity as Africans.

We must start asking ourselves what is expected of us regarding our continent and our people. You may wonder why this matters, and the reason is that our fate is to be African. It is not written in scriptures but in our unchangeable skin and blood. That is our true destiny. We have no homeland other than Africa, and our identity is rooted in being black.

We should be proud in our true nature and initiate change. I truly believe that if we understand who we are and embrace our place in the world, change becomes inevitable. That's why our ancestors, singers, and pan-Africanists have Africa embedded deep in their souls.

Embrace your African heritage and stay blessed!

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