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Collaboration of TCU and purpose black

Updated: Mar 17

Esak Amsalu, Addis Ababa University

Purpose black and TCU together hosted a spectacular series of events which has been celebrated for 4 consecutive weeks in celebration of Black History Month at Addis Ababa University. The event was attended by a diverse group of students, faculty, and guests who came together to honor and celebrate the rich history and culture of the black community.

The event featured powerful speeches, engaging performances, and thought-provoking discussions on the importance of recognizing and celebrating black history. Students had the opportunity to learn about significant figures in black history, as well as current issues facing the black community.

One of the highlights of the event was when participants were presented with certificates of participation from the organizers. This gesture not only recognized their attendance but also served as a reminder of the importance of coming together to celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity.

Students got the opportunity of working with TCU and Purpose black as a volunteer. Above 60 students got certificate of participation from the organizers.

Generally, the event was a huge success, bringing people from different backgrounds together to learn, share, and celebrate. It was a powerful reminder of the importance of acknowledging and honoring black history not just during Black History Month but throughout the year.

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