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Until when?

Updated: Apr 5

Yabsira Yeshiwas, Addis Ababa University

Africans continue to endure unimaginable hardships, with our youth struggling to find employment, our elders denied the joy of a peaceful retirement, our children caught in conflict and suffering, and our women oppressed by a culture that fails to recognize their worth. But until when?

For over half a century, we have been free from colonial rule, yet true freedom eludes us. Our society, culture, and governments have yet to create a space where we can live with dignity and respect our heritage. Until when?

We are blessed with abundant natural resources - mineral wealth, fertile lands, water sources, and biodiversity - that can make us a prosperous continent. Yet we remain trapped in outdated harvesting methods and traditional mining techniques. But until when?

Our once powerful Pan-Africanism has become mere rhetoric, failing to inspire unity and development among us. We lack the infrastructure, commitment, and courage to work together towards growth. Pan-Africanism has become a hollow phrase. But until when?

Quoting from a wise source, it is counterproductive to engage in hypocritical actions that are ultimately beneficial for ourselves, just as one cannot expect to excel academically without putting in the effort to study diligently. Therefore, to safeguard our culture, identity, and humanity, we must wholeheartedly embrace Pan-Africanism, foster unity through collaboration, construct inclusive societies, and transform our perception of Africa. By doing so, we can actively contribute to shaping the continent into the thriving and harmonious place we aspire to live in. Let us join forces and work together earnestly to forge a brighter future for Africa.

The call for action and change is urgent, and the time for transformation is now. We cannot afford to wait any longer to address the pressing issues facing Africa. It is up to us, the people of Africa, to take responsibility for our future and work towards creating a better continent for ourselves and future generations.

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